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Mark Reinhart

Cybersecurity Risk Manager

Mark brings more than 25 years of experience to his role of a Cybersecurity Risk Manager. Day to day, Mark manages the firm's information security program working to identify security needs and optimize resources towards maintaining a robust cybersecurity program. He leads the company's cybersecurity committee, working to create a culture of best practices throughout the organization.

Before joining TradePMR, Mark was Chief Technology and Privacy Officer at MicroMass Communications, Inc., where he was responsible for IT strategy, architecture, execution, integration, and corporate security and privacy risk management and governance. Previously, he was a principal systems analyst at Unisys Corporation, leading several key software development projects, a computer scientist for Computer Sciences Corporation, and a senior programmer/analyst for Unisys. Mark began his career as a senior programmer for the United States Air Force.

Mark received his Master of Science, Technology Management with a concentration in Quality Systems and his Master of Business Administration, along with a certificate in Supply Chain Management from East Carolina University. Mark received a Bachelor of Science in information science from Christopher Newport University. He and his wife recently relocated from North Carolina to Gainesville, Fla.