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Do You Own Your RIA Custodian Data? Let’s Find Out

Mar 27, 2022 12:00:00 PM

Download our Data Questions Worksheet

Do you own your data? That may sound like a strange question. Why wouldn’t you own it? It’s yours after all!

Well, you may be surprised to hear that it’s not that simple. While TradePMR believes that advisors should own their data, not all vendors feel the same.

So, how can you tell what data your third-party RIA technology vendors and RIA custodian(s) are willing to share? Download our data questions worksheet – we give you the questions you may need to cut through the noise and determine what data you own from your RIA technology providers, and what you can do with it.


What data does TradePMR provide to RIAs?

TradePMR offers the ability for advisory firms to receive nightly files with client positions and balances that can be easily imported into structured databases. You may be wondering what the difference is between structured and unstructured data…

Data Infographic

The structured data files that TradePMR offers to advisors can be readily leveraged by your RIA for analysis. You may find that data from your other vendors comes in an unstructured format – this data is still important, but it will require some additional work before diving in for analysis.

Matching structured data from TradePMR or another RIA custodian with client data from your CRM, for example, can help you better understand points like demographic concentrations among clients and holdings across your firm’s entire client base. Unlocking these insights through data analysis can influence everything from your approach to client communications to how you calculate your firm’s valuation.

If you’re interested in learning more about different types of data, data storage, and how to analyze that data for your business, you should check out our data white paper and webinar from industry veterans Joel Bruckenstein, president of Technology Tools for Today, and John O’Connell, founder of The Oasis Group. TradePMR joined with Joel and John to try and demystify data for RIAs so more firms nationwide can leverage data analysis for their businesses.


Ready to see what data can do for your business?

Unlocking data-driven insights today could be the key to building the RIA of tomorrow. We recommend you take the time to confirm what data you have access to from your third-party RIA technology vendors, evaluate how your firm can securely store that data, and determine how data analysis can help influence the direction of your business.

Interested in discussing how TradePMR’s data policies could benefit your team? We’d love to connect.


Written by TradePMR