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Financial industry news and events for RIAs.

4 min read

SYNERGY24: Lessons in Entrepreneurship, Sourced from Decades of Success

By TradePMR on Jul 1, 2024 1:26:04 PM

MarketCounsel President and CEO Brian Hamburger and TradePMR Chief Legal Officer Charles "Chaz" Reiling discussed some of the most pressing topics for today’s wealth professionals during the SYNERGY24 conference in Las Vegas. When advisors make the ...
Topics: RIAs RIA Custodians SYNERGY24
6 min read

Tell A Better Story, Win a Better Client: How Marketing Can Help Grow Your Business

By TradePMR on Jun 27, 2024 8:12:29 AM

Advisors are reluctant to lean into marketing, even though they’re often natural storytellers. At SYNERGY24, a panel discussed how RIAs can improve their marketing plans in their effort to build sustainable organic growth. Advisors know that their ...
Topics: RIAs RIA Marketing SYNERGY24
5 min read

SYNERGY24: Robb Baldwin and Joe Duran Share Four Keys for Powering RIAs’ Organic Growth

By TradePMR on Jun 12, 2024 1:33:07 PM

A bull market and M&A activity are masking deficiencies in RIAs’ approach to landing new business. Fortunately, there are tried and true techniques that could help advisors get back on track. Registered investment advisors who are treading water ...
Topics: RIA technology Robb Baldwin RIA Marketing RIA Growth RIA Customer Service SYNERGY24
4 min read

SYNERGY24: How Personalization and the Client Experience are Driving TradePMR’s Product and Advisor Services Teams

By TradePMR on Jun 7, 2024 1:00:40 PM

TradePMR Chief Operating Officer Scott Victoria, Chief Product Officer Jon Patullo, Director of Product Brandon Storch, and Advisor Services Manager Bret Feldman took the stage at SYNERGY24 to share the latest updates coming to RIAs. ...
Topics: RIA technology Advisor Technology Financial Advisor Technology Custodial Platform RIA Custodians RIA custodian RIA Platform Account Opening Advisor Documents SYNERGY24
5 min read

Reigniting the Entrepreneurial Spirit: Transforming RIAs into Industry Rainmakers

By Robb Baldwin on May 31, 2024 3:40:26 PM

At SYNERGY24, TradePMR CEO Robb Baldwin delivered a keynote address explaining that advisors aren’t born to be rainmakers, they must earn it. Editor’s note: This is an edited excerpt of the keynote address TradePMR CEO Robb Baldwin delivered at the ...
Topics: Financial advisors Robb Baldwin RIAs Registered Investment Advisor RIA Custodians RIA custodian RIA Platform SYNERGY24
9 min read

TradePMR Celebrates 25th Anniversary at Annual SYNERGY Conference

By TradePMR on May 16, 2024 10:30:36 AM

Speaker lineup announced for three-day event in Las Vegas, featuring RIA industry leaders and partners sharing insights and strategies with an audience of growth-minded advisors. GAINESVILLE and TAMPA, Fla. – May 16, 2024 - TradePMR, a technology ...
Topics: Robb Baldwin RIAs Financial Advisor Technology Las Vegas RIA Platform SYNERGY24