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6 min read

Six Surprising Studies Revealing The Power Of Personalization

By TradePMR on Apr 3, 2024 10:47:34 AM

From coaching to investment models, here’s a closer look at why customization can be so important for financial advisors. What does a homemade birthday card, a vanity license plate, and a financial plan have in common? Whether celebrating someone ...
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5 min read

What’s in a Name? Why Language Matters at TradePMR

By TradePMR on Feb 14, 2024 12:17:13 PM

We're particular about the words we use. Here's why. Business leaders and entrepreneurs know the power of intentional and thoughtful communication. In the wealth management industry, terms like “custodian” and “best interest” take on whole new ...
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5 min read

RIA Custodian Transitions: Two Steps to Combat Client Attrition

By TradePMR on Jul 8, 2022 11:14:34 AM

How financial advisors (and their clients) can make the move with confidence. Time to talk about the elephant in the room: client attrition during an RIA custodian transition. Even if a new custodial service platform could be the right fit for an ...
Topics: Transition Service Custodial Service Providers Custodian Client Relationships
5 min read

Repaper, Review, Repeat – Streamlining RIA Custodian Transitions

By TradePMR on Jun 30, 2022 3:47:31 PM

Moving Custodians Doesn’t Have to Derail an RIA’s Business Thousands of data points, ample opportunities for human error, client relationships on the line. For RIAs, the stakes couldn’t be higher when transitioning custodians.
Topics: Transition Service Custodial Service Providers Custodian Client Relationships