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Tired of waiting on hold? Learn how TradePMR approaches service for RIAs.

By TradePMR on Apr 14, 2022 2:27:37 PM

We believe that genuine white-glove service is a one-to-one service, not lip service. Your call is important to us. Please stay on the line while we connect you with a representative... 45-minutes later, you’re right where you started. Sound ...
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The Differences Between Structured and Unstructured Data for Your RIA

By TradePMR on Apr 8, 2022 10:53:42 AM

RIA firm data can influence everything from operations to client service to firm valuation. But before advisors can look to analyze and utilize that data, they need to figure out what data they have. One of the first points about data that we need ...
Topics: Financial advisers Wealth Management RIA Data
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From Wirehouse to Big-Name Custodian to TradePMR – Five Key Takeaways from Bischoff Wealth Management

By TradePMR on Apr 6, 2022 4:51:14 PM

Get the case study on Brian Bischoff’s journey to TradePMR When breaking away from a wirehouse to launch a new RIA, advisors are faced with a significant decision. Do they choose to work with a big-name custodian that they’ve known about for years? ...
Topics: RIAs Transition Service Wealth Management Registered Investment Advisor
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The Secret to the Evolution of Fusion? Advisor Feedback.

By TradePMR on Apr 4, 2022 12:54:00 PM

How TradePMR Shapes Technology to Address RIA Needs At TradePMR, we believe that for technology to fit the needs of RIAs, it must evolve. What worked five years ago may not make sense today, and almost certainly will be outdated five years from now.
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TradePMR’s White-Glove Service – Not Just Lip Service

By TradePMR on Mar 30, 2022 2:31:27 PM

How TradePMR’s approach to service and support is designed to fit the unique needs of RIAs “White-glove service” is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot. It seems like every vendor boasts white-glove service, but what does that really mean?
Topics: Financial advisers RIAs Service Wealth Management
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TradePMR’s Time-Oriented Service – Specifically Designed for RIAs

By TradePMR on Mar 21, 2022 3:46:25 PM

How we Built Our Service Offering to Support Growth-Minded Financial Advisors TradePMR started with one big goal in mind: to offer RIAs a custodial service provider that understands their needs and provides support and technology designed to ...
Topics: Financial advisers RIAs Service Wealth Management
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Why We Don’t Charge for Our Signature Event: SYNERGY22

By TradePMR on Mar 2, 2022 3:35:34 PM

Advisors cover travel and lodging, we’ll provide the experience, education, and networking opportunities. We believe SYNERGY22 is going to be more than a conference – we think it’s an opportunity. An opportunity for our team to connect face-to-face ...
Topics: Financial advisers Fusion SYNERGY Wealth Management Advisor Technology
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