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SYNERGY24: How Personalization and the Client Experience are Driving TradePMR’s Product and Advisor Services Teams

Jun 7, 2024 1:00:40 PM

TradePMR Chief Operating Officer Scott Victoria, Chief Product Officer Jon Patullo, Director of Product Brandon Storch, and Advisor Services Manager Bret Feldman took the stage at SYNERGY24 to share the latest updates coming to RIAs.

Personalization, service excellence, and the client experience are three areas TradePMR is focusing on to help power growth for registered investment advisors.

On May 22, four of TradePMR’s leadership team — Chief Operating Officer Scott Victoria, Chief Product Officer Jon Patullo, Director of Product Brandon Storch, and Advisor Services Manager Bret Feldman — took the stage at SYNERGY24 in Las Vegas to discuss how these three key areas are guiding their teams’ efforts to help advisors maximize the potential of the Fusion platform.

Storch gave an overview of new RIA branding and signature features already released by TradePMR, as well as a preview of what comes next: the inclusion of RIA documents and householding into account opening, and the ability to launch new account opening directly within client records.

The goal is to make it as easy as possible to work with TradePMR, added Patullo, the newest member of TradePMR’s leadership team. The product team is also looking at how it can use AI to analyze client preferences and deliver even better client experiences.

“Not only do our clients want [personalization], they get frustrated when they don’t get it,” Victoria said from the SYNERGY24 stage.

Feldman said personalization is redefining the role of the Advisor Services team at TradePMR, which is working to be better with communications, getting out in front of impactful changes, and having an ear to the ground so that we can advocate for our firms across our organization.. Even as TradePMR continues to grow, maintaining the quality of service to advisors is a top priority, Feldman added.

“We want to be at the forefront of the relationship with all of the advisors we work with,” he said.
Feldman also shared some metrics to illustrate TradePMR’s commitment to serving advisors. For example, true to Robb Baldwin’s commitment to answering your calls in a timely manner, the average wait time on calls was 13 seconds in the first quarter, and TradePMR maintained that speed during busy times such as April tax season. In addition, nearly all calls (95%) received in Q1 were answered in 20 seconds or less.

On the operational side, 91% of service requests were completed by the next business day, Feldman said. Just 11% of service requests year-to-date have been Not In Good Order (NIGO).

Answering phones this quickly while keeping NIGO rates this low is essentially unheard of in the RIA custodial industry, Patullo said.

“You have to match that with quality, but we want to make sure we’re answering the phone and being there when you need us,” Feldman added.

To help Advisor Services be more of an advocate for advisors and deliver consistently high level of service at scale, TradePMR is working on internal technology to automate certain requests and processes. TradePMR’s product team is hard at work to optimize the user experience of service requests, Storch said. The goal is to ensure that phone calls into Advisor Services are as meaningful as possible for helping advisors grow.

Victoria also discussed how Fusion’s recent move away from desktop computers and fully into the cloud will make it easier to build future integrations with technology vendors and to develop and release new features without requiring advisors to download updates.

In addition to new integrations and a ton of updates coming to account opening, advisors can expect to see several updates coming to the user interface of the web-based fusion to make it user friendly, said Storch.

“We think it’s good, but it needs to be great,” he said.

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