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TradePMR's Transition Team: Delivering White-Glove Service from the Moment RIAs Sign on the Dotted Line

Jan 10, 2023 9:50:50 AM

A tailored approach to RIA custodian transitions could save your firm future headaches.

Any financial advisor can attest that first impressions are crucial in relationship building. They often set the tone when establishing a new client relationship and can determine how fast (or slow) you can close a new client.

The same can be said for an RIA searching for a new custodian relationship. Once a firm signs papers to move to a new custodial service provider, their true first impression of the support they will receive occurs during the transition. It's an advisor's first glimpse of their new RIA custodian's culture.

So what can advisors expect during the transition process at TradePMR? A tailored transition process dedicated to supporting your success from the moment you sign on.

Transitioning to TradePMR: Process + Personalization

RIAs can benefit from a transition process that prioritizes clarity. One backed by white-glove service, a communicative and knowledgeable support team, and technology to streamline and simplify.

TradePMR works to deliver the white-glove service that we feel RIAs deserve, from the moment our engagement begins. By marrying automation and hands-on support, TradePMR's tailored approach to transitions is designed to help RIAs effectively communicate their move (both internally and externally), ensure accuracy of ported client data, and get up and running on TradePMR's Fusion platform on their desired timeline.

This focus on strong support has helped ease the transition process for hundreds of advisors moving to our platform. Don't believe us? Listen to Marc Horner's story.

Marc's RIA, Fairhaven Wealth Management, moved over $700 million in client assets to TradePMR in under 6 weeks. This is no small feat and was made possible through the collaboration between the Fairhaven team and TradePMR's Transitions specialists.



delivering a Tailored Approach

Our team starts every transition process by diving into the RIA's unique business. We take the time to figure out how each RIA team works, so we can support them in a way that makes sense. We learn about the client service and operational sides of their business, and what resources they have available to support their team throughout the transition.

By understanding how an RIA operates, we can better execute a smooth transition and get them up and running on TradePMR with minimal impact to their business. TradePMR works to support RIAs joining the platform in a few key ways:

  • Supporting Client Conversations – Switching custodial service providers should have a minimal impact on a client's day-to-day relationship with an RIA. TradePMR helps advisors communicate the move to clients in a way that’s intended to sow excitement, not fear.
  • Prepping Your Team A successful custodial services transition takes a full team effort. We help RIAs build a plan to make sure their whole team can contribute to the transition, and no one team member is handling all the work on their own.
  • Accuracy at Scale When moving providers, RIAs should look to maintain historical data and ensure they bring all the relevant documentation from their client relationships. Our Transitions team works with advisors to make sure they have everything they need to continue their growth on their new RIA platform.
  • Advanced Technology With technology offerings like TradePMR's digital account transfer tool, advisors can securely and accurately transition client information to the Fusion platform. By automating major parts of the transition, TradePMR tries to limit opportunities for human error to get RIAs up and running faster than ever before.
  • Launching Your New RIA – For breakaway advisors looking to launch independent RIAs, our team provides the insights and resources to help announce the move to the world. We work with these breakaway brokers to determine the best way to share the news and are here to answer their questions as they navigate the next stage of their business.

Thinking of Making a Transition?

If you're considering switching or adding a new RIA custodian to your roster, schedule some time to talk with TradePMR's Business Development team. They can discuss your unique business and if TradePMR could be your firm's next RIA custodial service provider.


Still unsure what the custodial transitions process would look like at TradePMR? Check out an on-demand webinar from TradePMR's Advisor Services Manager, Amie Shields, and Managing Director, Rob Dilbone.

The pair talk about TradePMR's approach to RIA transitions, tips to streamline the process, and ways our technology, white-glove service and experienced staff aim to make the move as seamless as possible.

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Written by TradePMR