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TradePMR’s Account Transfer Tool: Four Steps to Streamline Your Transition

Aug 5, 2022 10:02:35 AM

Transitioning to TradePMR’s Fusion Platform Has Never Been Easier

RIAs (Registered Investment Advisors) now have access to a new tool designed to streamline their transition process. TradePMR has developed and launched a new account transfer tool focused on simplifying and accelerating the process for advisors to transition client accounts to TradePMR’s Fusion platform.

The tool is simple to use and helps RIAs make the move with speed and accuracy – minimizing the amount of time needed on administrative tasks of the transition so they can continue serving their clients throughout the move.

With just four quick steps advisors can now bring hundreds of accounts to TradePMR in a matter of minutes. Here is a high-level overview of the new process for opening accounts:

  1. Populate a spreadsheet.

Seems simple enough. To start the account uploading process, the advisor is given a spreadsheet with clearly defined columns to input client information. This is data that can be pulled directly from the advisors’ CRM or their current RIA custodian platform. Once the advisor has added account information into the spreadsheet, they share that spreadsheet with TradePMR’s Transitions team.

  1. Upload the accounts.

The team at TradePMR uses the account transfer solution to auto-populate the data from the spreadsheet into distinct account pages in the Fusion platform. The tool enables the TradePMR team to upload hundreds of accounts at once, rather than managing individual inputs for each account, saving time that can be better spent answering advisor questions and helping them navigate other parts of the transition.

  1. Identify incomplete information.

Once the accounts are uploaded into Fusion, the tool finds any other information needed to complete the account upload. This includes missing data on client accounts and any forms that clients may need to sign. The added forms that the system finds include ACH Authorization Agreements, Account Linking Applications, Transfer forms, IRA Beneficiary Designation forms, and others that advisors often encounter. Our Transitions Consultants are on call to help your team fill in the gaps and answer any questions that may arise.

  1. Complete the account upload.

Step three in the process creates a clear workflow for the advisor. They know exactly what information and actions they need from their clients and can complete the account opening process by connecting with their clients to address those points. Once all the requested information is completed for individual accounts and shared with the TradePMR team, the account pages will be finalized, and those clients will be live on the Fusion platform.


Transitioning custodial service providers can be a labor-intensive process – we are consistently looking for ways to minimize manual work and leverage automation to make the move as seamless as possible. We have already brought advisors to the platform using this tool, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Not only have we found that this new solution transition accounts faster, but the automated processes limit the opportunities for human error that come with transitioning substantial amounts of data.

If you are considering changing or adding a custodial service provider, we should talk. Set up a call with our team here to see if TradePMR’s technology and white-glove service could benefit your RIA.



RIA’s must confirm to TradePMR that they have vetted current privacy rules and regulations and that they are acting in compliance with the rule and regulations before they share client data with TradePMR.

Written by TradePMR