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How TradePMR Works to Streamline Your Custodial Transition

Oct 12, 2021 3:00:00 PM

Listen to Our On-Demand Webinar to Learn How TradePMR Helps RIAs Make the Move

RIAs face difficult decisions every day. They are constantly looking for ways to improve their business while maintaining stellar service for their clients. Even when there is an opportunity to enhance the technology suite or upgrade providers, the anticipated pain of change can be enough for advisors to push off a move.

We invite you to listen to a conversation about transitions at TradePMR between two seasoned professionals: Rob Dilbone, managing director, and Amie Shields, Head of Transitions. This Transition webinar is a 25-minute conversation wherein the duo provides insights on how they believe RIAs can best prepare themselves for a transition and how custodial service providers like TradePMR can aid the process. At TradePMR, we believe RIAs should never hold off on making the next best step for their business and are here to support advisors from the moment they sign on with our team.

We know your time is limited and wouldn’t want to waste a second of it. We have recapped what Rob and Amie cover at a high level below, so you know precisely what you’ll get from listening to this conversation. They touch on all of these topics and bring in examples from their experiences to help illustrate how we help to streamline transitions at TradePMR:

Our Approach:

Every practice is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to tackling these transitions. At the start of our relationship, we sit down with your team to take a deep dive into your business to understand your client base and how your team operates – from there, we can build out a game plan to fit your business's unique needs.

Your Timeline:

We work with your team to develop a reasonable timeline for your transition that you can then communicate to your colleagues and clients. We base this timeline on your business's needs, internal resources, and the unique way your team operates.

Case Study:

We recently had a firm with over $700 million in assets under advisement transition to the Fusion platform in under six weeks. In this case study, we address how we handled the change on this tight timeline and how their operational organization contributed to the transition's success. 

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TradePMR's Transition Technology:

Our recently launched Account Uploader tool is designed to enable the easy transition of hundreds of accounts at once while minimizing the manual work typically required of advisors and their clients. In addition to simplifying account uploading, the technology also identifies missing information so advisors can ensure all of their data and forms are accurate and complete. Read more about this new tool here.

Common Misconceptions About Switching Custodial Service and Technology Providers:

There are many perceptions about how these custodial transitions will work, some of which can be off base. We dive into what advisors may fear when beginning the transition process and how we work to combat those forces. At TradePMR, we are dedicated to assisting your team throughout your transition so you can continue to serve and retain your clients through the move.

TradePMR's Team:

We take a white-glove approach to service at TradePMR. Hear how you would work with TradePMR's hands-on transition team throughout the process. We also address how advisors will work with other departments at TradePMR once fully onboarded with our team.


If you're considering a transition, this webinar offers a lot of information that could be helpful to keep in mind ahead of making this move. We understand this can be a daunting process, and we are here to walk you through every step of the way. If you're interested in discussing our transitions process in more detail, set up a call with our team here.  

Written by TradePMR