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Do You Own Your Client Data? Download the Newest White Paper to Learn More.

Mar 14, 2022 1:27:50 PM

Register to Join us March 16th at 2 pm ET

Do you own your client data? The answer may not be as simple as you think. Understanding what data you have access to and how to leverage it for your business can be a crucial step for RIAs looking to reach the next level for their business.

Join industry veterans Joel Bruckenstein, Technology Tools for Today, and John O’Connell, The Oasis Group, for a webinar on RIA firm data. The duo will tackle some of advisors’ biggest questions during the webinar, including:

  • What is the value of data in providing a better client experience?
  • How can data drive a higher valuation for your firm?
  • What help can your custodial service provider offer you?

The webinar is taking place Wednesday, March 16th at 2 pm ET – you can register to attend and receive a copy of the white paper below. If you can’t make it to the live session, you can still register and we will send you a recording afterward.


This paper and webinar will dive into the value, use, and practical issues when considering your firm data. Alongside this paper, you will find a worksheet with questions you can bring to your custodian about data.

Determining Data Ownership

Before figuring out how to effectively store and analyze data, RIAs first should identify what data they can access. Advisors may be surprised to learn that not all third-party providers approach data the same way.

Each technology vendor an advisor engages with has its own policies and procedures. These policies can impact how providers approach important points like data storage, data redundancy and security protocols. Some may be more closed off in their approach to advisory firm data, only allowing client data to be shared at a certain cadence, or potentially limiting which data points the firm is willing to share.

TradePMR believes that advisors should own their data. The firm offers the ability for advisory firms to receive nightly files with client positions and balances. These files can be imported into structured databases to be readily leveraged by advisory firms for analysis. Joining this data with customer data, from an advisor’s CRM for example, can help to generate deeper insights into a RIA’s client base. This can help advisors to better understand points like demographic concentrations among clients and holdings across the firm’s entire client-base.

The webinar will dive into TradePMR’s policies as well as questions that advisors can take with them to their other providers to determine what data they own, and what data may be restricted.

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Are You Ready to Unlock the Power of Data?

Join Joel and John for the webinar on Wednesday, March 16th at 2 pm ET and check out TradePMR’s recent data white paper. Learn how data could be the key the reaching the next stage of your business, and how you can begin using data today.


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