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The Secret to the Evolution of Fusion? Advisor Feedback.

Apr 4, 2022 12:54:00 PM

How TradePMR Shapes Technology to Address RIA Needs

At TradePMR, we believe that for technology to fit the needs of RIAs, it must evolve. What worked five years ago may not make sense today, and almost certainly will be outdated five years from now.

Fusion has been the top-ranked custodial platform by advisor satisfaction for two of the last three years in the T3/Inside Information Advisor Software Survey*. That success is due in no small part to the frequent updates we make to the platform.

So, what makes Fusion stand out from the crowd? How do the TradePMR Product and Tech teams prioritize innovation for the future while addressing advisors’ needs today? The answer is simple: we listen to advisors.

By focusing 100% on RIAs, we have been able to nimbly evolve our platform to fit the evolving challenges and opportunities facing these advisors. We listen to their pain points and what business objectives they’re trying to solve, and work to deliver technologies to match those objectives.

That has been our philosophy since the beginning, and we’re not slowing down.

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RIAs Know What RIAs Need

Staying up-to-date with RIA needs is easier than it may seem – we just ask. We connect frequently with the RIAs using our technology and work to ensure we’re offering everything that they need to succeed.

When RIAs working with TradePMR would like a new feature added or enhanced or feel like a new integration could improve their workflow, we aim to make sure they feel empowered to share that feedback. Addressing this feedback has played a vital role in developing our Fusion platform.

A recent example of this playing out in our work is the launch of model sleeve trading. An advisor working with TradePMR voiced that model sleeve trading is a tool that they would like access to in Fusion, and we responded by building out the capability and launching it to all advisors on our platform. Beyond addressing these requests, our team prioritizes timeliness. We’re able to update our platform in a matter of weeks or months, while other providers may take years.

Formalizing Feedback

Beyond ad-hoc requests, last year TradePMR established the Customer Advisory Panel (CAP). CAP is a group of TradePMR advisors that meets with our team once a quarter to walk through our recent updates, our technology roadmap, and any features they feel could be improved or expanded.

By connecting with advisors actively using Fusion, we’re better able to evaluate how we’re meeting the needs of RIAs today, and tomorrow. CAP is comprised of RIAs who we feel represent the typical advisors using Fusion. These are growth-minded RIAs looking for cutting-edge technology to support their business and facilitate their success.


What’s next for Fusion?

If you’re interested in seeing where Fusion is heading, join us at SYNERGY22 taking place May 25th – 27th at The Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes. The conference will be full of exciting sessions, guest speakers and networking events and will include an entire session focused on Fusion.

The Fusion Roadmap Preview session is taking place at 10 a.m. ET on Friday, May 27th and will be led by TradePMR’s Head of Product, Brandon Storch. Brandon will dive into all things Fusion: what’s ready, what’s in progress, and what’s on the horizon.


Hope to see you there! If you’d be interested in learning more about Fusion, we should talk. Set up a call with our team to see if TradePMR could be the right fit for your RIA.


* T3/Inside Information Advisor Software Survey, Joel Bruckenstein and Bob Veres, March 2021, sponsored by Salesforce, and 2019 Software Survey, Joel Bruckenstein and Bob Veres, January 2019, sponsored by Orion Advisor Services and Morningstar, Inc.

Written by TradePMR