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TradePMR’s Communication Approach – Accessible, Attentive, and Accountable

Sep 29, 2022 12:30:00 PM

Poor communication from a RIA custodian could hurt your firm.

When you call into a massive call center, does it feel like you’re never going to get an answer to your question? That you’ll waste hours on end trying to track down the right person for help?

Us too.

This situation gets even more frustrating when it impacts your business. RIAs need every second they can squeeze out of a day, wasting time waiting on hold, trying to connect with an RIA custodian can significantly impact an advisor’s ability to run their business and serve their clients.

That’s why TradePMR has always prioritized service and communication for advisors. That service manifests as the 3 A’s: Accessible, Attentive, and Accountable.


When advisors have a question, they know who to contact at TradePMR.

For day-to-day requests, RIAs have access to dedicated support personnel within TradePMR’s Advisor Services department. These individuals can help advisors navigate a wide range of issues.

For larger tasks, advisors can submit service requests within TradePMR’s technology platform, Fusion. Once submitted, advisors can easily track where the request stands, which TradePMR department is tackling that request, and who to contact for an update. Advisors also automatically receive alerts as the statuses of these requests are updated, with users having the option to choose how those alerts are delivered: in-app, via text, and/or via email.

Accessibility at TradePMR means accessibility to information, to people, and ultimately to strong support.



Communication works in two directions. When advisors have questions, they can reach out to TradePMR and get a quick response. When TradePMR has updates, the team reaches out to advisors to share that information.

A lapse in communication from either party can lead to confusion on both sides. Just as advisors look to stay up to date on TradePMR’s offerings, the TradePMR team works to ensure that they are aware of what’s happening at each RIA: the challenges and opportunities those advisors are looking to tackle, and how the TradePMR team is responding to those items.

This attentiveness doesn’t just help TradePMR to manage ad-hoc requests, it influences the evolution of TradePMR’s technology and service. Understanding what RIAs need to succeed in today’s hyper-competitive market is incredibly important and can only happen with consistent attention and two-way communication.


Above all, TradePMR is about constant improvement. Never being fully satisfied with the firm’s offering is at the core of its success.

TradePMR has been the top-rated Custodial Platform by advisor satisfaction three out of the last four years in the T3/Inside Information Software Survey1. The firm attributes this success to its constant evolution and its ability to nimbly respond to advisor needs.

When advisors have suggestions, feedback, or requests, they can speak to the people on the TradePMR team responsible for tackling those areas. Those conversations are an opportunity to share candid feedback and contribute to the development of TradePMR’s offering.

The TradePMR team is made up of real people with names, personalities, and a history serving growth-minded RIAs. Advisors get to know our team over the years, just as we get to know them.

Ready for Better Communication?

If you feel like your RIA could benefit from streamlined communication with your custodial service provider, we should talk.

We can dive into TradePMR’s approach to service, the provider’s advanced technology, and if the firm’s offering could be the right fit for your RIA.



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Written by TradePMR