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Looking for Top-Rated Tech, but Fear the Transition? Let’s Answer Your Questions on a Live Demo.

Jun 8, 2022 3:26:18 PM

Transition Technology and Custodial Services Providers with Confidence after a Live Demo with TradePMR’s Team

We’ve all heard the RIA custodial transition horror stories: confusing technology, non-existent support, time-intensive manual processes. It’s no wonder many RIAs opt to stay with their current providers. Even if they feel a change could benefit their business in the long-term, the fear of the transition can hold them back.

What if that transition process could be streamlined? Without the worry of major business disruptions, would your RIA be more likely to consider other providers?

TradePMR’s Fusion technology was recently named the top-rated Custodial Platform and Online Portfolio Management Tool in the T3/Inside Information Survey1. According to Technology Tools for Today founder, Joel Bruckenstein, “Being the top-rated custodial platform three of the last four years is no coincidence – TradePMR is a firm that is dedicated to delivering high-quality service and technology.”

How could a platform like TradePMR benefit your practice? It starts with white-glove support from day one.

Transition Support

Every RIA team has a unique structure, a unique way of maintaining client data, and unique way of handling client relationships. Our team starts every transition process by diving into your business.

We take the time to figure out how your team works, so we can support you in a way that makes sense. We learn about the client service and operational sides of your business, and what resources you have available to support your team throughout your transition.

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Some of the ways we help RIAs navigate the transition process include:

  • Supporting Client Conversations – We leverage our years of experience supporting RIA transitions to help you manage your conversations with clients on the move.
  • Prepping Your Team – A successful custodial services transition is a full team effort. We’ll help you build a plan to make sure your whole team can contribute to the transition, and no one team member is handling all the work on their own.
  • Delivering Accuracy at Scale – There is a lot of information that needs to be moved when transitioning custodial service providers. Our Transitions team will work with you to make sure you have everything you need to start growing on our platform.
  • Leveraging Advanced Technology – With technology offerings like our new digital account transfer tool, we can more seamlessly move your client accounts to the Fusion platform. By automating major parts of the transition, we can get you up-and-running on our platform faster than ever before.

A streamlined transition process can make a major difference for RIAs onboarding a new platform. However, advisors should make sure their new provider will continue delivering that high level of service throughout the relationship.

The Live Demo

Beyond seeing a platform like Fusion in more depth, a live demo allows advisors to experience and uncover the intangibles from a provider. For TradePMR, that is our philosophy and how we approach relationships with RIAs.


This live demo is a conversation with real people who can run through TradePMR’s technology and showcase how users within your company will interact with our top-rated platform1 should you choose to sign on. These live demos are an opportunity to ask questions and probe beyond the surface and into your specific use-case.

No two RIAs are the same, and the capabilities you look to use every day may differ significantly from other advisors. Our technology may not make sense for every firm, so understanding how we could support your unique RIA is a key step in your custodial provider evaluation process.

At the end of the day, you aren’t just looking for new tech – you’re looking for new support and new resources. This live demo is a chance to ask the tough questions about the transitions process, and how TradePMR could support you in your move and beyond.


Ready for Top-Rated1 Tech?

If so, we should talk. We can dive into your unique business, discuss if TradePMR’s offering could benefit your team, and address how our Transitions team can help streamline your move.

Don’t let fear of the transition stop you from getting the best technology for your unique business.


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Joel Bruckenstein and T3 are not affiliated with TradePMR and Mr. Bruckenstein was not compensated for his endorsement.

Written by TradePMR