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How TradePMR’s RIA Technology Platform Fusion Evolves to Meet the Needs of Financial Advisors

Jun 28, 2022 3:20:10 PM

Key traits to RIA Custodian Platform Evolution: Robust Planning Meets Flexibility

Every year, Apple releases a new iPhone. User experiences are continually updated for Netflix and Hulu. Amazon Prime refreshes delivery recommendations and expands how users can place orders online. Teams at the most innovative companies work tirelessly to make sure their product evolves with consumer expectations to deliver what makes the most sense in today’s market.

We take a similar approach to RIA technology at TradePMR. We continuously work to modernize the Fusion platform to meet the evolving needs of RIAs. While Fusion offers a full suite of solutions for RIAs, the platform will never be finished. There will always be more capabilities that can be added, and new ways to streamline workflows for advisors.

Our approach is simple: we look to match robust long-term planning with the flexibility to adjust Fusion day-to-day.

Robust Product Roadmap

One of the main ways that we evolve the Fusion platform is by employing a dynamic product roadmap. We plan out some of the major updates to our platform months or even years in advance.

This approach enables our team to devote the appropriate time and resources to deliver fully built-out updates that achieve everything we set out to accomplish. By planning these updates on a longer timeline, we give our team more time to work on technology, test the updates, and incorporate changes in a user-friendly way.

With so many updates being made to our technology every year, we need to ensure the expansions make sense to Fusion users and developments improve their workflows. We aren’t looking to make updates for the sake of making updates; we want to deliver expansions to our technology that RIAs want and can implement into their day-to-day operations.

TradePMR is also 100% focused on serving RIAs. We don’t split our time servicing different types of advisors or competing with RIAs via a retail channel. We offer custodial services and technology for RIAs – and that’s our focus every day. We work with several RIAs who started with some big-name custodians, and we think their experiences speak for themselves.


When building and adjusting our roadmap, we consider advisor feedback, industry trends, and current Fusion capabilities. By incorporating these updates into our product roadmap, we can also be more intentional in our rollout to make sure that advisors know precisely what is available in Fusion and how those capabilities could benefit their work.

Flexibility to Deploy Ongoing Updates

In addition to the longer-term projects, our team makes frequent changes to the Fusion platform on an ad-hoc basis. These updates come from a few different sources – one of which is advisor feedback.

Our technology is built for RIAs. Meaning, RIAs are the ones using the technology every day and have insights into what works for their business and what could be improved.

We evaluate every piece of feedback shared by advisors and their staff and look to identify ways that our technology could be updated to address their feedback. This could be a simple change, like adding a new filter to a page in Fusion, or something more robust, like adding Model Sleeve Trading capabilities to our Trading functionality.

By listening and actively soliciting that feedback, we have effectively updated Fusion to fit the evolving needs of RIAs, both immediately and in the long term.

Recipe for Fusion: Robust Planning meets Flexibility

A platform that made sense for RIAs five years ago is likely outdated today. By leveraging long-term planning and embracing flexibility to update Fusion at a moment’s notice, we aim to deliver a platform that meets RIA’s evolving needs.

Interested in learning more about Fusion? Check out an on-demand demo of our platform. You’ll learn about the platform’s current capabilities and how we’re looking to support your business.


Written by TradePMR