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TradePMR’s Top-Rated Tech: Built with RIAs Front-and-Center

May 31, 2022 9:28:29 AM

How advisor feedback influences the development of TradePMR’s Fusion platform – the top-rated Custodial Platform three of the last four years.

TradePMR’s Fusion technology was recently named the top-rated Custodial Platform and Online Portfolio Management Tool in the T3/Inside Information Advisor Software Survey1.

While we’re thrilled and humbled by this rating – it begs the question: why us? What makes TradePMR stand out from the crowd?

The answer is relatively simple: we’re an independent RIA platform built by a former RIA that continues to evolve based on feedback from current RIAs. In short - we're looking to deliver what real RIAs want and need.

Founded by an RIA

Robb Baldwin, TradePMR Founder and CEO started his career as an RIA. After his custodian was acquired, he experienced major service issues throughout the merger. These issues created problems for his clients - accounts seemingly vanished, and monies appeared to be transferred incorrectly.

With all of these issues happening, it was hard to contact and get help from his new provider. Robb felt that his custodian didn’t understand the unique challenges of running an RIA – of balancing time between serving clients, managing a team, and growing a business.

This experience led Robb to launch TradePMR: a new custodial service provider focused 100% on serving RIAs. This meant building a firm that was dedicated to delivering technology and white-glove service to support how RIAs want to run their businesses.


Flash forward to today, more than two decades later, and that focus remains the same. So how do we keep up to date on RIA’s evolving needs? It’s simple: we ask them.

Feedback Driving Technology Evolution

Keeping up with RIA needs is easier than it may seem – we just ask. We connect frequently with the RIAs using our technology and work to ensure we’re offering everything that they need to succeed.

When RIAs working with TradePMR would like a new feature added or enhanced or feel like a new integration could improve their workflow, we aim to make sure they feel empowered to share that feedback. Addressing this feedback has played a vital role in developing Fusion.

A recent example of this playing out in our work is the launch of model sleeve trading. An advisor working with TradePMR voiced that model sleeve trading is a tool that they would like access to in Fusion, and we responded by building out the capability and launching it to all advisors on our platform. Beyond addressing these requests, our team prioritizes timeliness. We’re able to update our platform in a matter of weeks or months, while other providers may take years.

Beyond these ad-hoc requests, we take this feedback into account as we build out our long-term technology roadmap. This roadmap looks several years into the future for larger technology developments. We look to make advancements that RIAs truly want – making this feedback invaluable to the evolution of Fusion.

Are you ready for RIA-Centric Tech?

Don’t just take our word for it (or the word of the 4,495 financial advisors surveyed by T3 and Inside Information1) – see Fusion for yourself.

Sign up today to take a live demo of our platform. You can ask your burning questions and we can determine if TradePMR’s offering could benefit your RIA.

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1 T3/Inside Information Survey, Joel Bruckenstein and Bob Veres, May 2022, sponsored by AssetBook, Holistiplan, Advyzon, Addepar, and Fidelity Investments

Written by TradePMR