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Service at TradePMR: Delivering Strong Support from Day 1

Sep 26, 2022 8:36:08 AM

How TradePMR delivers white-glove service every step of the way.

Service can make or break an advisor’s relationship with their RIA custodian.

If an advisor can get the answers and support they need from their provider in a timely manner, they’re better equipped to deliver an elevated experience to their clients. If they’re stuck trying to track down information or are left waiting for answers for days or weeks on-end, that can poorly impact those client relationships.

For TradePMR’s founder, Robb Baldwin, prioritizing service is not just company lip service – its personal. As an RIA back in the 90’s, Robb experienced the issues that sub-par support from a custodial service provider can cause for advisors and their clients. Listen to Robb’s story here:

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After Robb’s experience, he decided that there had to be a better way. He set out to launch a custodial services provider that prioritized support every step of the way. For nearly 25 years, TradePMR has done just that.

Getting Up to Speed

Advisors experience TradePMR’s hands-on approach to service before they even sign on with the firm. When RIAs first connect with TradePMR, the sales team spends time diving into the advisor’s unique firm, how they deliver value to clients, and what they’re looking to get from their next provider.

These conversations influence everything throughout the sales process, including product demos, referral selection, and which TradePMR team members to loop into the evaluation process. Within the sales process, TradePMR looks to connect RIAs with the support personnel that they would work with day-in and day-out.

Does the advisor have a strong focus on portfolio management or questions about RIA trading capabilities? Chat with someone from the Trading team. Do they have questions about the transitions process and how they would move to the new platform? Speak directly with the Transitions specialists that would help get the team on board.

These early conversations also play a major role in TradePMR’s decision-making. One of the keys to TradePMR’s white-glove service is its boutique approach to growth. The provider only looks to add RIAs that can truly benefit from its offering and can grow with TradePMR’s RIA-centric approach. If the sales team finds that an RIA isn’t the right candidate for the firm, they will stop the conversation then and there – no need to waste anyone’s time if there won’t be a fit on both sides.

Time to Transition

Once an RIA signs on with TradePMR, the dedicated Transitions team takes over. The team works hand-in-hand with the RIA to accomplish a smooth move to the TradePMR platform.

The Transitions team works to understand how the RIA operates – the types of clients the firm serves, the structure of the team, and how each team member can contribute to the success of the transition. The Transitions team then helps the RIA to develop a plan so they can accomplish the move on their timeline, setting specific goals and assigning tasks to each RIA team member.

The Transitions team then marries hands-on service with advanced technology solutions to help guide the RIA through their move until all client accounts have made the transition. The Transitions team recently began leveraging an enhanced account transfer tool to help move hundreds of accounts en masse while reducing the opportunity for human error.

White-glove service at TradePMR means a mix of top-rated technology1 alongside hands-on support. One without the other can fall short – the TradePMR team believes that true service only works when support meets automation.

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Top-Tier Support, Every Day

Once the RIA is on board with TradePMR, the advisor and support staff begin to work with dedicated support personnel. The support team is made up of representatives from across TradePMR’s operational departments.

For day-to-day inquiries, RIAs always have access to support team members from Advisor Services – these are experts on TradePMR’s Fusion offering who can help advisors navigate a wide range of requests and questions.

The Advisor Services team works hand-in-hand with all other operational departments to ensure advisor needs are being met quickly and efficiently. These representatives know advisors and their team members by name, understand their RIA’s unique challenges and position in the industry, and are empowered to help.

Advisors also have access to trained staff from the other operational departments including Trading, Cashiering and Accounts to help manage any and all requests that may arise. When advisors submit a Service Request, for example, they will know exactly which department is tackling that request and who they can contact for an update.

No need to call into a confusing call center or navigate an extensive phone menu, advisors can reach the people they want to connect with easily and efficiently at TradePMR.

Holes in Your RIA Custodian’s Service?

If you feel you could be receiving improved service from your RIA custodian, we should talk.

We can dive into your unique business, your goals, and if TradePMR’s technology and white-glove support could help you reach the next level.



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Written by TradePMR