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TradePMR’s Approach: Flexible Technology Meets Flexible Service

Feb 3, 2023 8:53:42 AM

How TradePMR looks to deliver evolving tech, comprehensive integrations, and hands-on support.

RIA custodians should be 100% focused on helping advisors serve their clients. To do so, these providers need to deliver on two key points: technology and service.

Unfit or rigid technology can restrict how an advisor works, effectively limiting how they can serve their clients. Similarly, poor service can have a major impact on an advisor’s workflow – an impact that can potentially ripple out and harm client relationships.

That’s why TradePMR has always prioritized matching flexible technology with flexible service.

Flexible Technology

At the core of TradePMR’s offering is the Fusion technology.

For advisors working with TradePMR, Fusion is their central hub – the workstation that connects all of their business activities into one easy-to-navigate platform. The platform spans RIA trading, account management capabilities, fee calculation, client relationship management tools, and much more.

These offerings are constantly expanding and evolving to meet changing advisor and client needs. TradePMR’s technological evolution is tied directly to its approach to service. The TradePMR team members working day-in and day-out with advisors gain valuable feedback on the platform, and that feedback plays a key role in the firm’s product roadmap.

This consistent evolution helps Fusion to meet the needs of advisors not only today, but in the future. It seems this focus has resonated with advisors nationwide – Fusion has been the top-rated custodial platform by advisor satisfaction three out of the last four years in the T3/Inside Information survey.1


While Fusion can do a lot for advisors, it can’t do everything. That’s where integrations come into play.

TradePMR leverages integrations and partnership options with a broad range of industry-leading RIA software providers. These flexible integrations are set up in a few different ways:

  • Application Programming Interface (API) – streamlined connectivity between Fusion and third-party vendors, enabling advisors to leverage the capabilities of both offerings within either platform.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) – integrations wherein advisors can easily leverage third-party providers with a single login, allowing easy navigation between systems.
  • FIX Connection – streamlined trading integrations that enable RIAs to trade and rebalance portfolios in third-party platforms without needing to conduct manual reconciliations.
  • Data Feed – integrations where RIA data seamless ports over into third-party providers, allowing advisors to leverage those outside vendors without having to manually move over client data.

For more information on TradePMR’s integration approach, as well as a list of companies with which TradePMR has active integrations, visit TradePMR.com/integrations.

By taking on a flexible approach to technology and integrations, TradePMR aims to help advisors get the tools they need to expand and streamline how they service their valued clients.

Flexible Service

Behind TradePMR’s top-rated tech1 is comprehensive white-glove service.

Advisors often ask, what does that mean? What specifically makes service “white-glove?” It can sound like simple lip service, but at TradePMR, we believe it is anything but.

For TradePMR, delivering white-glove service comes down to a few key points:

  • Available Information – when advisors submit a request to TradePMR, they know where the request stands, which department is handling the request, and when they can expect an update.
  • Dedicated, One-to-One Support – when advisors have questions, they can talk directly with real people who understand the challenges of the RIA model and are empowered to help.
  • Ongoing Relationships – TradePMR’s support personnel know advisors and their team members by name and understand their unique businesses.
  • No Massive Call Center – advisors working with TradePMR can ditch the long phone menus and confusing automated service solutions; with no massive call center, advisors can quickly access real support when they need it most.
  • 100% RIA-Focused – TradePMR does not look to attract individual investors via a retail channel (like some of the big-name RIA custodians). Instead, the provider’s support personnel are fully focused on supporting independent RIAs without conflict of interest.
  • No Tiers, No Problem – while some RIA custodians leverage a tiered approach to service, TradePMR offers high-touch support to all advisors with whom it works. The provider feels that every RIA deserves hands-on support, not just the biggest firms.

TradePMR knows that RIAs don’t have time to waste. A streamlined and flexible approach to service that prioritizes transparency, accuracy and speed can be huge benefit for advisors looking to deliver exceptional service to their clients.

Don’t just take TradePMR’s word for it. Listen to Brian Bischoff from Bischoff Wealth Management tell his story. Brian was working with a big-name custodian and experienced the service issues that are all too common for advisors.



Are you getting the flexible support and technology you need from your RIA custodian?

If not, we should talk.

We can dive into how TradePMR approaches technology and service, and if our RIA-centric approach to custodial services could benefit your RIA.



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Written by TradePMR