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TradePMR's Integration Network - Streamlining Your RIA Firm Operations

Jan 20, 2023 11:35:17 AM

RIA technology flexibility to fit how you run your business.

According to the Financial AdvisorTech Solutions map published by Kitces.com1, there are over 100 third-party technology vendors for registered investment advisors (RIAs) to choose from. The question becomes: what’s the right fit for your business?

That’s a question that only you can answer. Only you know what your firm needs, and which technologies can take you to the next stage of your business.

TradePMR’s job? Arming independent RIAs with the flexibility to use the technologies they need to support their growth.

TradePMR’s Core Technology: Fusion

Fusion is the central technology hub for advisors that work with TradePMR. Fusion spans RIA trading to CRM capabilities, with a broad range of offerings in between.

The platform is designed to enable streamlined navigation for advisors and RIA staff with a clearly organized home screen and customizable widgets. Users can seamlessly navigate from one function to another, with easy access to important points like account values, trade statuses, and service request updates.


On top of Fusion’s in-house built capabilities, the platform offers an open-architecture framework for third-party integrations. While some advisors work entirely in Fusion, that’s not the right fit for every business.

TradePMR prioritizes flexibility with its technology so that Fusion can connect with the third-party platforms advisors want and need.

TradePMR’s Approach to Integrations

TradePMR employs a few different types of integrations within Fusion:

  • Application Programming Interface (API) – seamless connectivity between TradePMR and third-party providers, allowing advisors to easily leverage the capabilities of both offerings within either platform.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) – deep integrations wherein advisors can leverage third-party providers with a single login, enabling easy navigation.
  • FIX Connection – streamlined trading integrations that enable advisors to trade and rebalance portfolios in outside platforms without needing to conduct manual reconciliations.
  • Data Feed – integrations wherein RIA firm data seamless ports over into third-party providers, enabling advisors to leverage those outside vendors without needing to manually move over client data.

Each third-party vendor that works with Fusion has a uniquely designed integration to facilitate ease-of-use. To see a full list of TradePMR’s current integrations, visit TradePMR.com/integrations.

Constant Expansion of Integrations

Beyond the list of existing integrations available to advisors, TradePMR is always exploring new integration opportunities.

While TradePMR already works directly with a broad range of industry vendors, the team wants to hear which providers you like to work with. Understanding which RIA software solutions are moving the needle for your team can help to influence TradePMR’s platform development and which integrations it will look to deploy next.

TradePMR develops its technology and integrations by leveraging a long-term product roadmap. Alongside this roadmap, which includes deeper integrations like single-sign-on and FIX connections, TradePMR’s Technology and Product teams can launch ad-hoc data feed integrations with nearly any provider in the industry.

So, if there are any third-party integrations that an RIA would need with TradePMR on day-one, the provider can look to get a data-feed integration up-and-running quickly. This flexible approach to integrations helps ensure that advisors transitioning to TradePMR won’t skip a beat in serving their clients.

Ready to See What Flexible Tech can do for Your Business?

If so, we should talk. We can dive into your technology needs, and if Fusion’s expansive capabilities and comprehensive integrations could be the right fit for your business.

Not every custodial service provider prioritizes flexible technology. If you’re feeling constricted by your RIA custodian’s tech, it may be time to look elsewhere.



1 Financial AdvisorTech Solutions MapNerd’s Eye View by Michael Kitces. Published April 2022.

Written by TradePMR